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DebianWiki migrated

Hi all,

Wiki engine migrated

The DebianWiki team is pleased to announce that the wiki is now running
moinmoin 1.7, which brings many new features (see [1] and [2]).

The syntax on how to make links and use attachments have changed in
moinmoin 1.6, see:

Also, the GUI editor is now disabled, because moinmoin 1.7 use an old 
version of fckeditor which would have been a security problem. We are
working to find a solution.

Hosting sponsor

The wiki is hosted on a new machine. The hardware and bandwith are 
sponsored by Dembach Goo Informatics [3].

Secure https access

You can now use https to securely sign into the wiki.

When you publish an URL (in mailing list, bug reports...), we recommend
that you do not post https URL (to avoid "untrusted" SSL certificates

Misc Hints and Tips

* The wiki.debian.org/Teams/${team} is a good place to get new
  A "News" section is a good idea (with links to "Bits
  from $FooBar team" and some interesting threads on the mailing
  list, like squeeze road-map)

* If you link to your wiki page from some Debian material (alioth,
  documentation, package...), then add the page to the category
  "CategoryPermaLink" so we can prevent 404s, also make sure use
  use http link (i.e not https).

* Subscribe to the pages that matters to you, so you are notified
  of contributions.

Thanks to the DDs that handled the hard work migrating the wiki (pabs,
luca and zobel).

... Stay tuned for more bits from DebianWiki, regarding the theme (CSS)
and License.


[1] http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinRelease1.6
[2] http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinRelease1.7
[3] http://www.dg-i.net/

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