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Re: Bug#466550: Pristine source from upstream VCS repository

On Mon, Mar 16 2009, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> In a sense, while uscan offers an implementation, the policy offer its
> API. The two are complementary and I don't see why I should loose one
> because of the other.
> Also, having an API, offers exactly encapsulation, in the sense that
> you can use uscan to implement it, but you are not forced to. What is
> the problem with that? It is like *the* point I'm missing in this
> whole discussion.

        I am opposed to bloating the policy with dictum that are
 unnecessary, but I see your point about the API. The API is essentially
 the watch file, and we already specify that in the policy. DEHS (as
 mentioned in policy) uses that file;p there is no need to add stuff
 into policy that we already have.

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