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Re: Section changes in the archive

On 11690 March 1977, Raphael Geissert wrote:

>> php                      Everything about PHP
> Does "everything" really means everything?
> At least the following are missing:
> php5-adodb
> libphp-adodb
> libmarkdown-php
> I haven't looked at others.

It should. PHP was a late addition, so we might have missed some. Frank
is currently going over those again, extending that a little. If you
spot more missing tomorrow, feel free to bug us.

> And what's the final list of sections? lintian needs to be updated

old minus base plus new.


bye, Joerg
> Or write yourself a DFSG-free replacement for that piece of software.
Using the copy and paste method from the old source, obscured by 
irrelevant changes.

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