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Re: Lenovo laptop - Type Control D to Continue

Sebastian Günther wrote:
> * Jimmy Johnson (field.engineer@gmail.com) [12.03.09 15:18]:
>> Hey Guy's I have Lenovo laptop, new "Lenny install" and I'm having to 
>> type control+d to continue boot, I looked at "dmesg" and I can't make 
>> what the problem is, so I post and maybe someone can figure the problem.
>> If more info is needed let me know. :)
> At what point do you have to type Crtl-d?
> Is there any output before or after on the console?

<stab in the dark>
if by chance you see the login screen and then it craps out to the point
where it asks for you to type "Ctrl-D" then check your video driver.  I
had this happen with a friend's Nvidia card driver.  It was odd because
once he did the "Ctrl-D" it would go right in to his desktop.  He had
upgraded the system and didn't recompile his video driver which was
downloaded from Nvidia's site.

may not be your particular issue, but is an example of what it could be.

good luck.


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