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Re: Bug#466550: Pristine source from upstream VCS repository

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  a) Run a upstream version check from cron, which mails me if there are
>     new upstream versions of something I have.

What happens if your watch file breaks? Do you check upstream announcements
manually, too?

>  b) If there is a new upstream version, cd checked out dir
>     1. No munging required: use uscan --rename --verbose to get the
>        latest source.
>     2. Munging needed. Run get-orig-source to get the latest upstream
>        source via uscan; and munge it as needed to create the
>        orig.tar.gz file
>  c) Proceed as per:
>     http://www.golden-gryphon.com/blog/manoj/blog/2009/02/25/A_day_in_the_life_of_a_Debian_hacker/
>         Is this so very different from what people do? 

Depends on the package, for the really easy ones I works as described above
probably (didn't read the webpage, though), but as soon as 'munging' or
get-orig-source is needed, I prefer to pull from upstream's repository directly.
Makes live much more easy.

For those cases where a git pull is not enough, I've setup cronjobs which pull
from upstream and push into the according branches in my git, usually named
upstream-svn/upstream-cvs or similar.


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