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Re: Proposal: virtual package + alternative: x-keyboard

On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 23:38:49 -0400
Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com> wrote:

> In the light of having Debian on all kinds of devices with touchscreens
> (tablets/freerunner), I propose to add a virtual package
> x-keyboard
> or may be better
> x-onscreen-keyboard ?

x- infers screen IMHO in the same way as x-terminal-emulator and
x-window-manager, so x-keyboard is preferable.
> and a equivalently named alternative
> Packages which I should provide it (there could be more):
> xvkbd
> qwo
> matchbox-keyboard

However, there is another issue here - if the device is multi-user,
most login managers cannot cope with a touchscreen keyboard. gpe-login
is one that can, gdm cannot.

Having touchscreen keyboard support in X is good as long as the user
can log into their X environment first.

I'm not sure how the two issues should be related but if a device has
an x-keyboard package installed, there should be some kind of link to a
login manager that can cope with an x-keyboard. We cannot assume that
all touchscreen or x-keyboard devices are single-user with auto-login

> Upon receiving comments and if no objections made I guess I will file a
> butreport against debian-policy to have virtual-package-names-list.txt
> adjusted
> Meanwhile I CCing xvkbd and matchbox-keyboard maintainers to attract
> their attention


Neil Williams

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