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Re: Upcoming Section changes in the archive


Joerg Jaspert dijo [Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 09:07:35PM +0100]:
> As Lenny is finally released, and we are early in the cycle for squeeze,
> now is the best time to do some long-needed changes to our archive.
> Much of what we are currently doing is not visible to you as a user of
> this archive, but the action we talk about now is:
> We plan on changing the current sections in the archive. With the rapid
> growth of archive, many of them have become too big to be useful anymore.
> (...)
> httpd
>                 (...)
>                 cherokee*
>                 libcherokee*

Ok. Lintian does not yet like httpd as a section, but I guess you will
not reject an upload just because I listened to you ;-)

However, cherokee does include some -dev packages, which Lintian (IMHO
correctly) marks as they should belong to libdevel (where they are
now). Please confirm whether I should disregard this and put
libcherokee*-dev also in httpd (or am I being too literal in my


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