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Re: Support of new source packages in squeeze

Jan Hauke Rahm dijo [Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 12:15:21AM +0100]:
> > All in all, things are in a rather good shape but I still need some help.
> > While I tested extensively the dpkg-source side, we still need to ensure
> > that all our additional tools cope well with the new source package
> > format (*-buildpackage, apt-get source, lintian, devscripts, dput/dupload,
> > etc.). I know several tools in devscripts have already been fixed/enhanced
> > in that regard. Please try using new source packages with all those tools
> > (in particular if you maintain them) and file bugs if you encounter
> > problems and usertag them appropriately (user hertzog@debian.org /
> > tag 3.0-quilt-by-default).
> I can tell from svn-buildpackage which is definitely *not* ready for new
> package formats. It even doesn't parse the new compression methods (bz2
> is repacked to gz at the moment).
> I started working on svn-bp improvements some time ago but as it turns
> out I'm pretty much alone with that atm. So, I don't know when svn-bp
> will be ready but everyone interested in helping please contact me! :)

Ugh. I know that, if svn-buildpackage is not there, we have ~1000
modules not there yet as well (at least for our regular workflow,
independently if they can actually be built in a 3.0 builder) in the
pkg-perl group. We also use extensively svn-buildpackage in the
pkg-ruby-extras groups, and quite probably in many others.

So, I cannot commit any time right now - But I do point my finger to
this topic as a very important thing! :-/


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