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Re: changes in pam: automatic configuration of PAM modules

Steve Langasek wrote:
As a result of the prototyping work done on this within Ubuntu, patches are
already available for several module packages (libpam-krb5, libpam-ldap,
libpam-smbpass, ecryptfs-utils, libpam-ck-connector) which I will work on
submitting to the Debian maintainers over the next week or so.  If
maintainers of other PAM module packages have questions about implementing
pam-auth-update support, I'm happy to assist - and of course if you find the
documentation lacking, suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Interesting development.

Is there any possibility of getting this to work with the following packages?

* libpam-ccreds (see <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpam-ccreds/+bug/294977>)
* libpam-cracklib


Brian May <brian@microcomaustralia.com.au>

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