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changes in pam: automatic configuration of PAM modules

Dear developers,

I'm happy to announce that with the latest upload of pam to unstable, we at
last have an interface that allows both automatic and interactive
configuration of system authentication, using that staple of the Debian
system, debconf.

It's unfortunate that this wasn't ready to go in time for the lenny freeze,
but in the meantime the new design has been getting some exercise in Ubuntu,
so the integration into unstable should be fairly painless - sorry to
disappoint the bleeding edge masochists. :)  You can read the
pam-auth-update(8) manpage for an explanation of the tool itself.
Maintainers of PAM modules that would want to make use of this interface
should also read <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PAMConfigFrameworkSpec>,
much of which will eventually find its way into the package as developer

As a result of the prototyping work done on this within Ubuntu, patches are
already available for several module packages (libpam-krb5, libpam-ldap,
libpam-smbpass, ecryptfs-utils, libpam-ck-connector) which I will work on
submitting to the Debian maintainers over the next week or so.  If
maintainers of other PAM module packages have questions about implementing
pam-auth-update support, I'm happy to assist - and of course if you find the
documentation lacking, suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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