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Re: Bug#471410: Installing accessibility packages by default?

Tzafrir Cohen, le Sat 07 Mar 2009 11:29:56 +0000, a écrit :
> > `What if, for example, you walk up to a friend/coworker and talk about
> > some issue.  You end up wanting to show them something, so you'd
> > actually like to login on tehir Linux machine with accessibility enabled
> > so that you can work together on the project.  However, since nobody
> > thought their machine would ever be used by a disabled person, the
> > necessary software would not be installed.'
> What does it take to "enable" them?

Let's rather say "start them".

> Furthermore, if you're a blind person using KDE, what good would it do
> for you that dasher is installed on the system?
> That is: accessibility sounds to me a bit like l10n: normally no point
> in installing all of it. Most potential users would need just part of
> it.

That's true indeed. You you never know in advance what kind of
accessibility features your users will need. And thus you install it
all, just like l10n.


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