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Re: -dbg packages; are they actually useful?


On Tue, Mar 03, 2009 at 10:12:22PM +0000, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I'm looking at my local mirror (slowly) update at the moment, and I've
> got to wondering: are the large -dbg packages actually really useful
> to anybody? I can't imagine that more than a handful of users ever
> install (to pick an example) the amarok-dbg packages, but we have
> multiple copies of a 70MB-plus .deb taking up mirror space and
> bandwidth. I can understand this for library packages, maybe, but for
> applications?

I was glad to have them available for e.g. tracking down some nasty
xulrunner bugs on non-x86 -- and I guess xulrunner only counts half as
library. Same for liferea, webkit (a library, okay: :) and some webkit
browsers (midori comes to my mind).

Just an idea coming to my mind: What if they are available from their
own APT repository which doesn't need to be mirrored everywhere?
Somehow in a similar way as the CD images are distributed separately.

Ok, the CD images are no APT repository and splitting off the -dbg
packages to a separate repository would mean that what is built from
one source package would have to be split up (probably after upload)
and put into different APT repositories.

		Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@deuxchevaux.org, abe@noone.org - http://noone.org/abe/

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