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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Bill Unruh <unruh@physics.ubc.ca> wrote:

> > Attacks from Debian against the cdrtools project caused the license to be
> > changed. Debian now needs to live with this change.
> Unfortunately it is not Debian who have to live with it, but the users around
> the world. Debian is not being particularly harmed, but the users are. They
> are being forced to use programs which are not keeping up with modern hardware
> etc. I understand that there is a lot of ill will between Schilling and
> Debian, but the only ones getting hurt in the crossfire are innocent
> civilians. And they have no idea why they are being hurt. This thread started
> with such a cry of pain.

As I mentioned before, the attacks have been initated by Eduard Bloch who is no 
longer active in Debian. It would be a nice gesture if Debian would through him 
out. As he is currently already in a suspended status, this would be something 
that is not hard to do by Debian but it would show a sign of will.

> > Wrong again, instead I explaind already you why this is not the case.
> > The act of compiling does not create a derived work.
> I think that legally this is unclear. I believe no US court has ever ruled on
> the issue, and that is the defining character. Without that we have legal
> theories of what "derived work" means in software.

I discussed this with Eben Moglen and he did not mention a different 
intpretation in the US law system.


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