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Re: xcdroast does no longer work with wodim: Who to blame?

Bill Unruh <unruh@physics.ubc.ca> wrote:

> Again, let us separate out the ill feelings  from the issues under dispute. I
> realise that it is very hard to forget history but since both sides believe
> that it is the user that is most important, that is whom we should keep our
> attention on.
> Schilling here says that all of cdrtools, except mkisofs are released under
> the CDDL. I assume that Debian does not have any particular legal issue with
> distributing something which is purely CDDL licensed. They may have their
> preferences that things be GPL licensed but are willing to live with something
> that is CDDL licensed.

Debian even did recently package again star which is 100% CDDL too.

BTW: I am happy to see that people realize that there are contradicting 
statements with respect to why some decisions at Debian have been made in a 
specific way. Maybe this helps to bring things into a first move.

> Thus, is it correct that the issue centers around mkisofs, a program which is
> under the GPL2 license and is linked with libscg, a CDDL licensed library? Is
> this where the dispute lies?
> If so, exactly what is the nature of the legal (as opposed to personal)
>   disagreement? 
> Schilling has made clear that he does not believe there to be any legal
> impediment to the distribution of the software. Debian has made clear that
> they believe that there is such an impediment. What, in as few words as
> possible, is the impediment?

See my other mail where I explain why the claim on an incompatibility with 
regards to the CDDL GPL combination as used with mkisofs is void. 


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