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Re: Requirement for a “proper manpage” for every command

At Mon, 2 Mar 2009 13:29:06 -0600,
Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Hmh, this could even be promoted as a "best packaging practice". Many
> authors do ship properly-formatted --help entries, and our
> hand-generated manpages can often linger behind the truth. Any strong
> opinions against? 

Not to rehash an old wontfix :-), but since you ask...

Only a minor comment, that help2man could be a bit more flexible about
e.g. accepting input on stderr. See the discussion on #138752.  I'm
not sure how many packages fail to follow "the GNU standards document"
in terms of how they print their help output, but it seems like a
potential source of irritation.  Of course, if I'm missing something
about Debian policy, consider me shushed.


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