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Re: handling group membership in and outside d-i

> In short....the first created user *should* be in powerdev. If it is
> not....then there's a bug in user-setup (or somewhere else...).

The powerdev group only exists if hal is installed, which is only the
case if one of the desktop tasks is installed. If the group does not
exist, the initial user will silently not be added to it.

Jon's idea of having a list of primary users, which packages could then
add to groups at install time seems like a sort of good idea. But, it
doesn't solve the problem of wanting to add a new primary user and
having to manually put them in all the groups.

user-setup would also have to be refactored to create the initial user
_before_ installing tasks. And since the initial user probably can't be
sanely created before running debootstrap, packages installed in that
step still couldn't add the user to groups.

Seems like ideally there should be:

- A way to add the set of existing primary users to a newly created group.
- A way to create a new primary user, who would automatically become a
  member of the set of primary user groups.

see shy jo

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