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Re: Transition: krb5 to drop Kerberos IV (libkrb53 restructuring)

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:


> It turns out this fails impressively.  The problem is that the library
> packages depend on each other.  So, for example, libk5crypto3 is
> needed by libkrb5-3.  If I make the shlibs file for libk5crypto3 point
> to libkrb53 instead of libk5crypto3, then libkrb5-3 depends on
> libkrb53.  But libkrb53 depends on libkrb5-3 because that is the point
> of libkrb53 in the new layout.
> I probably could hack something that would work: use symbols files
> that point at the split library packages internally and just before
> the debs are constructed run a sed script on symbols and shlibs.

debian/shlibs.local should help for that.


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