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Re: Upcoming Section changes in the archive

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 07:19:11AM +0000, Matthew Johnson wrote:

> Should Java libs be in lib or libdevel (they are both). This is one of
> the reasons we've wanted a Java section. 

I wouldn't mind a proper discussion on the pros and cons of both.
That'd help me for debtags as well, where java libs, but also perl,
python and ruby modules for example, fit both as development libraries
and as shared libraries.

My general idea is asking: "would you like it to be hidden in a package
manager as dependency-only stuff?"  If a library can be used as a
development library, then maybe not, therefore 'libdevel'.  But this is
a nontrivial argument that is worth of more discussion than just my
gut feelings.



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