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Re: Transition: krb5 to drop Kerberos IV (libkrb53 restructuring)

Hi Sam,

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 11:40:45PM -0500, Sam Hartman wrote:
>     Sam> 3) Make libkrb53 depend on all the libraries it now contains
>     Sam> and libkadm55 depend on the libraries it contains.

>     Sam> 4) Set up symbols and shlibs files to point everyone at
>     Sam> libkrb53 and libkadm55 as appropriate.

> It turns out this fails impressively.  The problem is that the library
> packages depend on each other.  So, for example, libk5crypto3 is
> needed by libkrb5-3.  If I make the shlibs file for libk5crypto3 point
> to libkrb53 instead of libk5crypto3, then libkrb5-3 depends on
> libkrb53.  But libkrb53 depends on libkrb5-3 because that is the point
> of libkrb53 in the new layout.

> I probably could hack something that would work: use symbols files
> that point at the split library packages internally and just before
> the debs are constructed run a sed script on symbols and shlibs.

> However as you'll recall the only reason we didn't point the shlibs at
> the new packages initially is to make things easy for unstable
> packages that get rebuilt while the new krb5 is waiting to migrate to
> testing.

Actually, I was meaning to comment on this.  Why would you not simply point
the shlibs at the component library packages at this stage?  The only side
effect is that the version of krb5 that includes the split library packages
has to migrate to testing before anything else depending on these packages
can reach testing, but that's not terribly onerous given that krb5's own
migration to testing won't be tangled up with other packages - this is
already a very "soft" transition, and I don't see the need for extra work on
the shlibs handling.

>  and In addition, either versioned replaces
> don't work as well for downgrades as unversioned replaces, or replaces
> on unpacked but not configured packages don't work as well as replaces
> on installed packages.

Possible...  downgrades are almost never tested in Debian, so there could be
a variety of dpkg bugs at work here. :)

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