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Re: Forthcoming changes in kernel-package

On Wed, Feb 18 2009, Theodore Tso wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 12:14:49AM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> Hi,
>>         This is a heads up for a major change in kernel-package, the
>>  tool to create user packaged kernel images and headers; which will
>>  make the make-kpkg script far less error prone, and far more
>>  deterministic.
>>    a. Every invocation of kernel-package will remove ./debian directory,
>>       and regenerate the changelog and control files. This will get rid
>>       of any remaining issues with the ./debian directory getting out of
>>       sync with the kernel sources; and will allow people to make small
>>       tweaks to the kernel sources and have  make-kpkg reflect those
>>       changes.
> Is there going to be a way for people to replace the changelog with
> one that contains useful information in that case?  I've been doing
> this by doing a make-kpkg configure and then editing the
> debian/changelog file afterwards...>

        I have a plan for something like this, though currently there is
 no code. I was thinking of doing an "overlay" for ./debian, kind of
 like what ikiwiki and request-tracker do; so /usr/share/kernel-package
 contain the information that goes into ./debian; but if there is a user
 specified overlay, then files present in the overlay are used instead
 (files not in the overlay dir still come from the default location).

        I have not yet written the code, since there are several places
 in the build where we look for files in ./debian; and currently there
 is a fallback to /usr/share/kernel-package if ./debian does not exist;
 either I have to remove the fallback, or enhance the fallback mechanism
 (at potentially significant run-time cost).

        The cleaner solution would be for make-kpkg to always remove and
 re-create ./debian (with overlays), but make -f ./debian/rules never
 have to deal with anything outside (so to remove the fallback code that
 has sprouted all over the rules files). It might take a few iterations
 to do these changes, but I think it is worth it, for robstness' sake if
 nothing else.

> BTW, I have a set of patches you might want to consider.  I'll file
> them in BTS if you're currently making make-kpkg.

        Please. I have been thinking about the request you made for
 debugging symbols being packaged, and now I do have some time to play
 with building kernels again, I would like to see that in Squeeze.

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