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Re: Python related changes for unstable/squeeze

Michal Čihař wrote:
>> Various
>> -------
>> There are other things which may be worth a look.
> - Can you guys please finally sit down and agree on one solution for
>   handling python modules? I still think that having two (slightly
>   different) ways of doing this task is not the way to go. I really do
>   not see technical reason for this situation. I have  no preference at
>   all and I'm actually using both things in my packages, but I really
>   do not think it is way to go. And it would be great if we can have
>   single tool, which gets more testing and will have less bugs than
>   current concurrent solutions.

Ack. Please guys, get together, discuss it in a *sane* way (why do I fear that's
not possible...) and merge both tools or drop both of them and do something else
useful - together.

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