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Re: About the current state of the Yum package in Lenny

Vincent Danjean wrote:
> 3) perhaps, try to push what is available in lenny backport into a point-release
>    of lenny. This will depends on how many bug fix are present, how intrusive
>    the changes are, the release maintainers opinion, ...
> For me, 3 is not the more important. Work on yum/rpm should have been done
> earlier to be added in lenny. So you should mainly ensure that squeeze will
> be in good shape with respect to yum/rpm. And backports is here for lenny
> users if they really needed it.
>   Regards,
>     Vincent

I do agree with you. I even posted on the BTS the URL of GPLHost's own
Debian repository that I manage so there is a workable solution NOW.

My employee, which know python a lot better than me, is working on a
patch. I'm not sure we will be able to have it working without
python-iniparse, but we will try.

That being said, if we can't have a working yum without new python
modules, I do insist: yum shall be REMOVED from Lenny, as it's BROKEN.

More about this later on, after Manuel's python work on the package.


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