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Re: About the current state of the Yum package in Lenny

Luk Claes wrote:
> Why is the python-iniparse also needed? That's not clear from the bug
> report.

Very simple: yum crashes with a not-so-nice error message when I try to
boostrap a CentOS complaining about the iniparse python module not being

I should have add it to the bug report, but it didn't talk about
python-iniparse, #496137 was just about python-gpgme. I have just added
an entry for it in the BTS to make that clear.

> http://www.debian.org/releases/proposed-updates

My question was more: what's the way to have a package uploaded in pu.
Should I write in a particular list? This one maybe?

Andres Salomon wrote:
> I was only working on it on behalf of OLPC.  Since I'm no longer with
> them, I don't really have any interest in working on it.  I would suggest
> giving it to someone who has a use for it.

Then I guess both rpm and yum should be orphaned. Could this be done now
so we can move on?

Luk Claes wrote:
> anibal is one of the maintainers of rpm, but not of yum. rpm was
> uploaded less than a month ago to experimental, I don't think you can
> blame them for being inactive.

Sure it was, but still with the same upstream version, which doesn't fix
#509444. I hope that a newer upstream version can be uploaded soon. The
changelog is quite impressive though, and seems to be a good work (I
didn't read more than the changelog). It shows Loic Minier
<lool@dooz.org>, not Anibal Monsalve Salazar or Andres Salomon that
still seems to be unactive on maintainership. I'm now adding Loic as Cc:
as he seems to be the one that cares about all this, and I guess Andres
shouldn't be in the loop anymore (as per what he said).

Thanks you 2 for your replies, and a big up (especially to you Luck),
for all the (impressive) work on the Lenny release.

Thomas Goirand

P.S: Loic, tu sembles etre un compatriote vu ton nom, je me trompes ? :)

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