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Re: percentage of popcon submitters

On 16/01/2009, at 23.25, The Fungi wrote:

Same here, though with a caching Debian package proxy instead of an
actual mirror. Nonetheless, s.d.o only sees one download of a given
security update even though it's actually being retrieved by
hundreds of machines.

On 16/01/2009, at 18.27, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:

Did you think about thousands of computers having 'private ips' with
some nat translation and/or local proxie? (I'm thinking of computer
labs, companies, etc. not just the odd home user). Essentially all of
the computers at our department share the same public IP.

Hundreds of machines accessing proxies, and thousands having private IPs. Are these numbers something you know or are you just throwing them around? Otherwise they can of course be accounted for in the total estimate ;-)


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