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Re: percentage of popcon submitters

[2009-01-15 22:37] Michael Goetze <mgoetze@mgoetze.net>
> before wild speculations ensues, you might want to specify what you 
> really want to know: the percentage of people installing debian systems 
> who use popcon (always/sometimes), or the percentage of installed 
> machines that submit popcon data?

Seems my wording was unclear.

I want to know the percentage of installed machines that submit popcon

Maybe some words about the background of this question:
I want to estimate the number of users of some software. Thus I have a
look at Popcon which tells me the number of installations of the
package. Now I need a good multiplicator (the searched one) to receive
an estimated number of users within Debian. I'll do the same for
Ubuntu's popcon and add guessed numbers for usage on other GNU and
Unix systems. That should lead to a quite good estimation.

> For example, I'm pretty sure any hosting company offering Debian on 
> dedicated servers will disable popcon by default...

And there is a number of systems without online connection, they will
also not submit.


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