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Re: Change user used by package

Marvin Renich wrote:
> * Harald Braumann <harry@unheit.net> [090113 05:47]:
>> AFAIK, there's no way for multiple independent packages for using the
>> same user. So jabber-muc needs to create its own user. On update,
>> that's no problem. The post-install script can chown the
>> package's directories for the new user. But a downgrade would then not
>> be possible. The old version couldn't access the directories.
>> Is there precedence for such a situation? How can it be resolved?
>> Cheers,
>> harry
> BTW, are you coordinating this with the current jabber-muc maintainer
> (CC'ed in case he is not subscribed)?

I'm not subscribed, haven't been following the lists for a while.  The
old package should probably be removed completely in favor of the new.

However, more to the point, I don't see why the two packages couldn't
use the same user.  Why not check during installation to see if the user
account exists?  If it does, use it.  If not create it?

Jamin W. Collins

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