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Re: FTP team name

> I think that the name of "FTP team" or "ftpmasters" which we often use
> is slightly misleading to people we are not aware of each and every
> bit of how the project works.

> And there are many people who contribute to Debian more occasionnaly
> than those "core" folks who know everything about our internal
> organization.

Well, does it matter for them? You get in contact with us when we reject
packages. Then you usually should already know what we are. :)

> Given that the "FTP team" job is much more than managing an FTP
> server, couldn't we imagine changing the name of the team to something
> that better fits you guys' duties?

The website http://www.debian.org/intro/organization lists us as
"FTP Archives" and then splits that into "FTP Master" and "FTP

> Something like "Archive management team" or so?

"The holy, untouchable, always-right (even if they aren't), beloved
Wizards of the Debian Archive.".

(Okok, a little too long. Drop the last dot. :) )

> Of course, to keep the word "master" somewhere, we could have
> something like "Archive Master" "title" or something?

We do need a little seperation, as we have two roles with different

> Thoughts? Flames? Knives throwing?

I don't see a big gain in renaming the role, besides the work to change
all the places where it's written down. Ok, technically we would be the
"http/rsync/ftp Archive [Master|Assistants]", but then people that get
in contact with us should usually know what we are.

Anyway, if people really feel strong about this, I couldn't care less,
as long as the new one is something clear.

bye, Joerg
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