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FTP team name (was: Ftpteam members)

Quoting Joerg Jaspert (joerg@ganneff.de):
> Call for help
> -------------
> Even with one new member just added and another one possibly following
> soon, we can do with more people. The points I listed in [1] basically
> still hold true, in case you consider it, but lets put them in here again. :)
> Basically, 

(long list of ftpmasters duties cut)

That list bringed me a few thoughts....

I think that the name of "FTP team" or "ftpmasters" which we often use
is slightly misleading to people we are not aware of each and every
bit of how the project works.

And there are many people who contribute to Debian more occasionnaly
than those "core" folks who know everything about our internal

Given that the "FTP team" job is much more than managing an FTP
server, couldn't we imagine changing the name of the team to something
that better fits you guys' duties?

Something like "Archive management team" or so?

Of course, to keep the word "master" somewhere, we could have
something like "Archive Master" "title" or something?

Thoughts? Flames? Knives throwing?

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