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Re: integration with power management stacks

Le dimanche 11 janvier 2009 à 12:07 +0000, Stephen Gran a écrit :
> I have no idea for:
> pm-utils: ?

You need to ship a script in /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d. The format is
very simple, just look at the existing scripts.

> the gnome power stack - is this a veneer on pm-utils or it's own thing?

gnome-power-manager is just a frontend to HAL which calls pm-utils.

> There seems to be some dbus integration for all this as well, and then
> there are probably several I've never heard of.

You can write a HAL addon for your package. If you just want to restore
settings after suspend, that’s overkill, but if you want to make the
settings accessible to users somehow, that’s the way to go. I would not
recommend to do that for hdparm; this kind of setting should really be
autodetected by the system, anyway.

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