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integration with power management stacks

Hello all,

I have a couple of open bug reports about integration of hdparm with
power management stacks (people would, quite rightly, like to see their
disk settings reapplied at resume) - 468307 and 510676.

Is there any sort of canonical place I can put a script and have it run
that all of them look at?  I'm hoping I don't have to resort to shipping
a helper script and a symlink for each implementation, but if that's the
case, does anyone know of a list of places to stuff the symlink?

So far, I know of:
acpid: /etc/acpi
pbuttonsd: /etc/power.d

I have no idea for:
pm-utils: ?
hibernate: ?
the gnome power stack - is this a veneer on pm-utils or it's own thing?

There seems to be some dbus integration for all this as well, and then
there are probably several I've never heard of.

Ideas, pointers, patches, all welcome.

Cheers all,
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