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Re: For those who care about bts-link: call for adoption

Quoting Sandro Tosi (morph@debian.org):

> Sadly no, mainly because I was waiting for a sort of approval/ack from
> QA team, that never came (I don't know if it's needed, but I saw it as
> a source of courtesy).

Well, maybe just because nobody in the QA team felt in charge of
providing you with an official answer. To my understanding, the QA
team, like many other teams, work on a "who does the work has the
decision" mode....

So, I would say, just go for it. As you mentioned, first set it up in
your environment on merkel, then launch a discussion in the QA team,
including the DSA team, about the Right Place to have bts-link run on
and here you go....

I can easily tell that you'll get support for this because the tool is
really important for many of us (the X.Org team AOL'ed to my mail, for
instance). So, in case you have any trouble, crying out for help here
would probably do it.

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