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Changes to the DM code


if you are a DM uploading your packages, please pay extra attention in
the next few days. We just changed the underlying code in our archive
software to be less awkward. While we did test that (using the help from
Eugene V. Lyubimkin (thanks)) there might be cases not covered by our

This also fixes on of the other bugs the old implementation had - DMs
should now be able to upload to experimental too. Or
proposed-updates. Basically anywhere. :)
For those interested, the *highest* available version in our archive has
to have the DM-Upload-Allowed flag to allow the DM upload to happen, we
no longer blindly assume that unstable is the suite to look in.

(If you want to blame someone, try ftpmaster. If you want to say thanks
for the changes, try Michael Casadevall, he got most of the headache
rewriting the code, and then ftpmaster for merging it.)

bye, Joerg
<mechanix> anyone from the MIA team around? tbm?
<Ganneff> sounds nice. how long do you have to be MIA to get into that team? :)
<mhp> you need to have a pgp key, I suppose. and no gpg one, and only a bo box
<Np237> yes, but it must be expired

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