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Summary of submitted ITP


I just submitted ITP mails for all the packages I have on my disk, ready to be packaged in Debian. Here is a summary: - Bug#510053: ITP: libdata-phrasebook-perl -- A collection of modules for accessing phrasebooks from various data sources - Bug#510054: ITP: libdata-phrasebook-loader-yaml-perl -- This module provides a loader class for phrasebook implementations using YAML
- Bug#510055: ITP: libevent-notify-perl -- Simple Observer/Notifier
- Bug#510056: ITP: libfile-wildcard-perl -- Enhanced glob processing
- Bug#510059: ITP: liblog-dispatch-config-perl -- Log4j for Perl
- Bug#510061: ITP: libmoosex-attributehelpers-perl -- Extend your attribute interfaces - Bug#510062: ITP: libmoosex-multiinitarg-perl -- Attributes with aliases for constructor arguments - Bug#510063: ITP: libnet-stomp-perl -- A Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol Client - Bug#510064: ITP: libpoe-component-client-stomp-perl -- Perl extension for the POE Environment to communicate with the STOMP protocol - Bug#510065: ITP: libpoe-component-client-stomp-utils-perl -- A set of utility routines for POE clients that wish to use a Message Queue server that understands the Stomp protocol - Bug#510066: ITP: libpoe-component-generic-perl -- A POE component that provides non-blocking access to a blocking object
- Bug#510067: ITP: libpoe-component-logger-perl -- A POE logging class
- Bug#510068: ITP: libpoe-component-server-bigbrother-perl -- A POE component that implements BigBrother daemon functionality - Bug#510069: ITP: libpoe-filter-bigbrother-perl -- Protocol abstraction for BigBrother streams - Bug#510070: ITP: libpoe-filter-stomp-perl -- A POE filter for the STOMP protocol - Bug#510071: ITP: libsnmp-extension-passpersist-perl -- Generic pass/ pass_persist extension framework for Net-SNMP
- Bug#510074: ITP: libexception-class-dbi-perl -- DBI Exception objects

Note that I wrote a small program (attached to this mail) to extract information from existing debian/ files and generate the ITP mail. Some values are hardcoded for Perl modules, but it could be easily extended.

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