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Re: Orphaning some perl packages


I intend to adopt these for pkg-perl:

> * libtest-number-delta-perl
>   libx11-freedesktop-desktopentry-perl
>   libexporter-tidy-perl
>   libextutils-depends-perl
>   libextutils-pkgconfig-perl
>    Misc perl libs. Should probably go to the perl group.

and these too:

> * libcairo-perl*
>   libglib-perl*
>   libgnome2-canvas-perl
>   libgnome2-gconf-perl*
>   libgnome2-perl*
>   libgnome2-print-perl*
>   libgnome2-vfs-perl*
>   libgnome2-wnck-perl*
>   libgtk2-ex-podviewer-perl
>   libgtk2-gladexml-perl*
>   libgtk2-perl*
>   libgtk2-spell-perl
>   libgtk2-trayicon-perl
>   libgtk2-traymanager-perl
>    Perl bindings for some common Gtk/Gnome libraries. Upstream is
>    active, updates packages and fixes issues. Maintaining these packages
>    is easy, if a bit boring. Perl group material, I guess. At the
>    moment, some of these (the ones with a *) are maintained by the
>    "Gtk2-Perl Maintainers" (active members: 0.2, and that's me).
>    libgtk2-spell-perl and libgtk2-html2-perl could also be removed from
>    the archive. The rest is of good quality and used.

*except* for libgtk2-html2-perl.

of course, I or some other member of the team could end up adopting others also.


Ryan Niebur

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