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Re: Adoption of Nix?

On Wednesday 24 December 2008 18:55:20 Steve Kemp wrote:
> > > Yes, you are probably right: I don't understand how Nix may be useful
> > > for Debian (and for GNU/Linux also).
> >
> > That's too bad for you. Shallow thinking doesn't get you anywhere.
>   As promoter/recommender surely the onus is upon you to demonstrate:
>     1. Nix is good.
>     2. Nix is better than what currently exists.
>     3. Nix would be a good fit for Debian.

Hm, Nix seems to be born in academia, and based on by someone's PhD thesis, so 
there might be some good ideas to consider out of it, but the whole story 
smells like the promoter is trying to sell mercedeses to Daimler (i.e. 
package management to Debian;-) without getting the whole picture.

>   I believe you'll struggle, not least because you do not seem to
>  have a thorough understanding of what is actually involved in
>  a packaging system.  (Perhaps a comparison to the auto-package
>  format is in order?)

If the promoter doesn't mind I'd also suggest comparision to the openpkg.org. 

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