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Re: Is The number of stable users dropping fast?

Petter Reinholdtsen dijo [Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 09:40:45AM +0100]:
> Looking at <URL: http://popcon.debian.org/ >, it seem to me that the
> number of stable installations is dropping fast.  The graph
> "popularity-contest versions in use" show this, with version 1.41
> being the one in stable.
> (...)
> The number of installations using testing has been slowly increasing,
> but not enough to compensate for the reduction in stable
> installations.  The net effect is that fewer and fewer are submitting
> to popcon.debian.org.
> I suspect this is because Debian is loosing users. :(

While we might be "losing users" to derivative distributions, that
won't take my sleep away. And I'm not only talking about Ubuntu -
There are many Debian derivatives with huge install bases (i.e. all
the government-funded distributions in different places of the world,
or hardware providers shipping Debian-based stuff as Maemo). But as
for the distribution of users within Debian itself - I find it a
natural, cyclic thing - We announced Testing to be frozen many months
ago, and over this time, users have started migrating, as it will not
change much. And even if many of us repeat again and again to them
that "d-i Beta 1", "d-i RC1" etc. don't mean "Debian Beta 1" or
"Debian RC1", I see many people asking me for support using such
monkiers. Those users will go back to being stable (hopefully) soon.


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