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Re: Debian -- the best

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 1:26 PM, Neil Williams wrote:
>> Debian can be considered the optimal environment for brain imaging
>> research (compared to all other possible operating systems).
> That is good news - good enough to be made very, very public.

(Just keeping the thread up for adding positiveness)

Most of what I say applies to other fields as well, but anyway: I
would opine, more generally, that Debian is fantastic from science and
engineering students and researchers in general, since there are teams
which devote as much effort to keeping up-to-date and high quality
packages for science and mathematics as, say, teams which take care of
core packages such as the kernel. I can safely grab a copy of the
Debian DVDs, with the comfort that wherever I install it, I am going
to get an environment with all the simulation tools I need, as well as
tools to generate reports, visualize data and finally, format
documents about it (I am not naming the software for these tasks,
since there are too many and varied). The best part is that it is not
a _dedicated_ scientists', artists' or publishers' or games
distribution, but satisfies all these. This means that on days when I
want to goof off, I can try to see if I can complete supertux or
choose a nice solo game of cards. Total freedom to to what I want to.
Without going anywhere else.

The best part is that, knowing how quality assurance and the BTS
works, I hardly ever run into problems. If I do run into problems (in
the spirit of DFSG 3), I know I can bring it up and someone will hear
it. And I can also help in fixing it, if I can, which I often try to
do. So, thanks to all those users and developers who participate in
Debian. I (I can safely say We) appreciate it a lot!

Kumar Appaiah

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