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Re: Debian -- the best

> Let me express my appreciation and gratitude for Debian.

Reading debian-devel during the last weeks, I had the same feeling that
some positive counterpart to the recent discussions is needed to somehow
keep the "balance". I intended to post the top 5 reasons, why I love
Debian, but you were faster than me, so let me just add this to your thread:

1. From a users perspective, Debian just works! I recently installed and
upgraded a lot of systems to Lenny without the slightest problem. My
oldest system has been dist-upgraded from Woody to Etch to Sarge to Lenny
- and it still works!

2. apt-get install <whatever-you-need>

3. Debian is around for quite some time now, so we must be doing something
right, mustn't we?

4. Debian has a pretty large community. And for a non-profit,
volunteer-driven project, this works really well and it's fun to be part
of it!

5. Debian values software freedom. It's nice to get tons of software for
free and it's even nicer to have the freedom to take the ideas and knowhow
expressed in this software to create something new. That's how it has
always been in art and science. The world needs free software and it needs
Debian :-)

And as a bonus:

6. We have a world wide financial crisis and it's not Debian's fault :-)


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