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Re: Let's restart from scratch the gr_lenny vote (in a better form this time)?

> On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 01:22:40PM +0100, Sandro Tosi wrote:
> > So, how many are in favor of redo *completely* the vote (in more
> > ballot, the first being the one for lenny ONLY)? how many should we be
> > to let it happen? how many should be in contrary to stop this re-vote?
> > how can we express the need for a better vote to let our beloved lenny
> > be released?
> I'm against stopping the current vote. Let's wait for the outcome, and after
> that hold new votes for options that are still relevant then.

Do we have any well-defined procedure to stop/cancel a GR (in progress)? If not,
is it the DPL to decide, based on what is voiced on this list? Shouldn't people
just say "Further discussion" in their votes to express such concerns (in terms
of a vote)?


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