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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

"Daniel Moerner" <dmoerner@gmail.com> wrote:


> Obviously, having more users test unstable is good.  However, I agree
> that it's not necessarily a big issue.  A good deal of RC-bugs are
> related to FTBFS, security advisories, package conflicts, and the
> like.  These bugs can pop up independently of how much testing a
> package receives in unstable, so focusing on just increasing the
> number of unstable users would produce diminishing returns.

Your point is moot, mostly: FTBFS and package relationships issues are
probably the easiest RC bugs to fix, they're not the kind of RC bugs
we're seeing right now before a release (at that point any RC bugs of
these kinds that aren't fixed are either tricky or not being taken
care of properly). Also most FTBFS are not reported by users.


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