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Dependencies of printconf causing problems for CD building

The message below was sent to the maintainers of printconf, but so far 
there has been no reply.

Any suggestions how to deal with this for Lenny would be very much 

- drop printconf from the desktop and print-server tasks in tasksel
  Is printconf actually still needed/useful for printer configuration?

- change printconf's dependencies to depend on foomatic-filters-ppds
  instead of foomatic-db-*
  Does that even make sense?

- change the dependency on foomatic-db-gutenprint to Recommends

- something else...


On Friday 14 November 2008, I wrote:
> While I was testing some options for the Lenny CDs, I noticed that
> foomatic-db-gutenprint was being included on the Xfce CD through
> printconf.
> Fairly recently however we had the following change in tasksel:
> commit 8c389ca5ed097c8554e7df4c29529f8c7ba2aba2
> Author: Joey Hess <joey@kodama.kitenet.net>
> Date:   Tue Jul 22 00:12:34 2008 -0400
>   print-server, desktop: remove foomatic-db-{engine,hpijs,gutenprint}
>   cups apparently does not use them, instead using foomatic-filters-ppds
> Especially foomatic-db-gutenprint is problematic as its package size is
> 50MB, which means that it pushes a LOT of packages to later CDs if it
> does get included on CD1.
> printconf itself is part of both the desktop and print-server tasks for
> tasksel.
> Can you confirm that cups indeed does no longer uses these three
> foomatic-db-* packages?
> If so, would it be OK to remove them as dependencies from printconf, or
> if not, to at least make them Recommends instead of Depends?
> I'll be happy to file an RC bug to help get the change accepted into
> lenny, but thought to discuss this first.

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