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Re: NEW processing

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 08:56:24PM +0200, George Danchev wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 December 2008 20:35:11 Clint Adams wrote:

> > No, this is condescending and implies that the ftp-team knows more about
> > package quality than the other developers, when that is not true and nor
> > should it be true as a condition of holding that role.

> [...] based on their experience. I believe they have seen a lot.

Not to denigrate the experience of the ftp team, all of whom have been
active contributors to Debian for a number of years, but it's nonsense to
suggest they have experience that makes them *more* qualified than Clint to
judge the quality of his own packages.

- Clint has been a Debian developer since before 1999. (I don't know offhand
  how much before, since that's the cutoff for LDAP records.)
- None of the ftp team actively involved in NEW processing joined Debian
  any earlier than 2002.
- None of the ftp team actively involved in NEW processing were members of
  the ftp team prior to 2004.
- None of the currently active ftp assistants have been in that role longer
  than 10 months.
- Clint is a long-time maintainer of four packages of Priority: important or
  above, and an uploader on three others.  None of the current members of
  the ftp team maintain any base packages.

Again, I'm not arguing that the members of the ftp team are unqualified to
judge package quality.  Nor am I arguing that we need a seniority system for
developers that gives more power to those who have been around the longest.
But, *if* you believe that experience determines who should decide when
packages are too buggy for inclusion in the archive, then the ftp team are
the wrong people to be making those decisions.

Which is why the ftp team should not be taking it upon themselves to
overrule other developers' assessments of which bugs are critical to fix
unless those overrulings are grounded in a clear consensus.

If you have doubts about the quality of your own packages, feel free to get
more experienced developers to review them for you before you upload.  But
don't put up obstacles to other developers getting work done by giving some
other set of developers veto power based on external criteria that the
project has never agreed to.

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