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Re: Game servers in /usr/games or /usr/sbin

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> Quoting Magnus Holmgren (holmgren@debian.org):
>> Game executables should be installed in /usr/games, but what about game 
>> servers that are designed to be long-running (in contrast to ones that just 
>> manage a single game) and to run as a system daemon, and doesn't work if 
>> executed by an ordinary user? I don't think either Policy or the FHS mentions 
>> this explicitly, possibly because there are very few such executables.
> #506811, right?
> Looking quickly at the existing ones, it seems that most of them do
> not have the server executables placed in /usr/games.....
> Whatever the answer is, I don't really see #506811 as an RC bug. The
> user was misusing the package as he is not launching the game server
> the way it is intended to be launched.
> So, whatever the answer to your question is, the bug should IMHO be
> closed.
> Maybe another can be opened for moving the binary to /usr/sbin,
> depending on what this discussion gives....

Why should the server be in roots path? Games should never be run as

If the server is to be started by a user then /usr/games. Otherwise I
would go for /usr/lib/package/.


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