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Re: qmail and related packages in NEW

David Kaufman wrote:
> Hi Moritz,
>> Neil Williams wrote:
>>> It isn't just about choosing not to install it, it causes work for the
>>> various teams in Debian - security, release, QA.
>> We've discussed this at the Security Team meeting in Essen and we don't
>> have a problem with qmail being included in Lenny.
>> Cheers,
>>         Moritz
> Thanks, Moritz!  That's great news from the Security Team.
> So, the Security Team has no problem supporting qmail.  Does anyone
> from the Release Team or the QA Teams have any objection to qmail
> being included in Lenny?

We are in a freeze, having the latest release preparations, so
introducing completely new packages in the release is not an option.

I'm also not convinced that introducing yet another MTA which seems
inferior compared to the existing ones in the archive is a very good idea.



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