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Re: d-d-a@l.d.o ban [Re: SmellyWerewolf.com perfume & make-up discount]

Quoting Don Armstrong (don@debian.org):
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Has the d-d-a ban been lifted?
> There currently isn't a ban in place.[1] listmaster@l.d.o will likely
> be communicating privately with the individual(s) involved once we
> have come to consensus ourselves.[2] If some sort of punitive action
> is taken, d-private@l.d.o will be notified to allow DDs the
> opportunity to override listmaster@l.d.o.

Thanks, Don, for the clear answer.

Apparently, /me asking was still useful as I wasn't the only person
with English parsing problems on that matter. Going back on Steve's
mail makes it clear that the ban was just asked and not put in
place....but it is also clear that the misinterpretation was still

And, of course, sorry for assuming that listmasters would take a
punitive action without informing the right body (in that case,

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