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Re: SmellyWerewolf.com perfume & make-up discount

On Monday 24 November 2008 07:38, Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> wrote:
> It's not about whether or not the parody was funny.  It's that the same
> parody could have been made, just as funny, without the completely
> gratuitous sexism.

We should note that it had already been determined that debian-devel-announce 
is not a suitable forum for posting jokes.

Josselin's post seems deliberately written to evoke the same reaction as the 
last time a seriously off-topic message was posted to d-d-a.


The above deliberately offensive blog post by Josselin was created in response 
to my suggestion that jokes about raping children (regardless of whether they 
are religious figures or not) are not funny and not appropriate for Planet 

I believe that this is evidence that his post to d-d-a was not a mistake, but 
is part of a pattern of behaviour.

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