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Re: SmellyWerewolf.com perfume & make-up discount

Sure, the first message shouldn't have been on announce, but its impossible to fix a wrong with yet another wrong.


On Nov 23, 2008, at 10:59 AM, Josselin Mouette wrote:


SmellyWerewolf.com are kindly offering every Debian Developer a discount
on their whole perfumes and make-up catalog[1]. If you apply under the
procedure outlined below, you will pay according to "Rate Eeencredible",
which at the time of this writing means 20% more chicks loving you!

Steps to follow:
- If you do not already own perfume bottle, buy one at your nearest
  convenience store.

- If you are goth, transsexual, female or simply metrosexual, you also
  need to buy make-up at the same place.

- Send your private Debian GPG Key to more-chicks@debian.org. Include
  the brand of your perfume and the color of the make-up.

- Wait for an OK reply and your new “good friends” will be delivered
  directly at home.

If you don’t want the chicks, you should still buy the perfume and the
make-up, cause you know, that can’t hurt, and in this time of economic
crisis, the Lust industry needs your help.

[1] http://malsain.org/SmellyWerewolf

About SmellyWerewolf.com:
Created in 1415 after the battle of Agincourt and purchased in 1802 by
an experienced vampire who wanted to hide his horrible corpse smell, the
Romanian company Smelly Werewolf delivers about 750,000 bottles of
perfume for geeks in 198 countries around the works, which places the
company around the leading make-up providers in Angola, and third in the
World of Darkness.
Today, Smelly Werewolf is considered as a strong point of reference
among vampires and zombies. The company’s goal is to create an
alternative and independent line of products destined to the undead.
Smelly Werewolf is devoted to giving everyone enough blood for their
needs, whether it is by allowing you to hide your corpse smell in
birthday parties or by leading chicks directly to your home. In short,
we enable people to claim new sex slaves for a very personal experience
of professional quality. Our clients range from vampire individuals,
packs of werewolves and small Elysiums to worldwide zombie attacks, and
it’s something that you should be deeply afraid of.

bye, the Committee for sexy developers

Scott Dier <scott@dier.name>

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