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Re: screenshots.debian.net

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 10:18:26PM +0100, Christoph Haas wrote:
> I would love to see the screenshots integrated into packages.debian.org and 
> perhaps they even get used in graphical package managers like synaptic, 
> kpackage, adept or gnome-apt. It is easy to refer to screenshots from your 
> own application or web site. Just use these URLs:
> Thumbnail (<= 160x120 pixels):
>   http://screenshots.debian.net/thumbnail/PACKAGENAME
>   (this URL returns a dummy thumbnail if no screenshot was found)
> Package's page with all available screenshots:
>   http://screenshots.debian.net/package/PACKAGENAME

I've a suggestion / feature request for the API. Can you please add
the equivalent of the thumbnail URL which returns the bigger image?

I imagine that there can be applications which want to show first the
thumbnail and then, e.g. upon click/selection, the bigger version of
the thumbnail for further user-inspection. Right now, this is possible
only by either embedding some web-browser widget to show the /package/
URL, or by spawning an external web browser.

An intermediate level would be good, and I guess it's trivial to add.


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