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Re: screenshots.debian.net goes beta

Thank you for this great service!

I found a bug in the search results.
If you go to another page of the search results (e.g. 2), you go back on the page "browsing screenshots".
I think there is a wrong link to the next pages.

I do not know the bug is already known?!


On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Christoph Haas wrote:

Fellow developers...

it took a little longer than I expected but I finally launched


after two weeks of programming fun.

It is an effort to help users get an idea what a certain application does
and how it looks like by offering screenshots. It was suggested by Roberto
in January 2008 and I re-raised the discussion in July.

Please take a look at the site, consider uploading screenshots of your
favorite application and give some feedback. The approach is rather open.
Everybody can upload screenshots. But they won't be visible until a member
of the admin team approves them (to make sure we don't catch spam and
porn). As soon as the application is stable I'd like to get 1-2 people on
the admin team to watch the moderation queue. (If you see your own
screenshots it's because I identify browsers by a cookie I send so that
mistakenly uploaded images can be removed by the uploader.)

Have fun and let me know what you think.


P.S.: Bear with me if the service is down for a minute or two. I'm
deploying a few minor updated to fix bugs I get reported.
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