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Re: For those who care about bts-link: call for adoption

Quoting Pierre Habouzit (madcoder@debian.org):
> Hi,
> As some of you may know, I've been the original creator of bts-link[0].
> Though, I have currently neither the motivation, nor the time to
> maintain it, or run it on a regular basis[1].
> I believe bts-link has become an important piece of our infrastructure,
> especially for packagers with huge user base, but not only. This is why
> it's more than time that I give bts-link to people that have the time to
> care about the beast.

Instead of doing huge threads cutting hairs in four pieces about
whatever vote we should have in order to be sure not releasing lenny
in the upcoming year, isn't there *really* someone in the crowd who
would volunteer to maintain bts-link?

As a package maintainer with a few upstreams having their own bugzilla
(more particularly samba), bts-link has been an incredibly useful tool
for me.

Everybody know that *I* am personnally completely unable to maintain
such beast but I know there are certainly many people among DD who

So, pretty please, someone volunteer. Maintaining bts-link even
deserves abandoning some package maintainance or whatever. We really
need it.

I think that the proposal made by Christoph Berg is, as of now, the
most reasonable. Maybe it could be discussed during the upcoming
Extremadura session (Nov 26-30) which is meant to be, among other, a
QA session ?

Actually, it could be a good idea for you to attend, Pierre....but for
what I know of your usual schedule, that might be hard to arrange.

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